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October 26: Learning Illustrated

Even with the prescribed structure of school (school bells ringing to direct students from class to class, the restrictions of 7 period school days, the disconnect from subject to subject, common cores standards and pressure for high test scores) schools … Continue reading

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October 19: I Learned About Intentional Moral Education

Having no real experience with public education due to only being educated in private religiously affiliated schools, it is refreshing to discover that nationwide there are ideals agreed upon to be central to the job of educators and the lives … Continue reading

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October 12: Clear and Unclear Windows

It is very clear that beyond having a passion for teaching and working with students inĀ individual areas of expertise, it is essential for educators to have at the forefront of their minds the responsibility they have of preparing students to … Continue reading

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Characteristics of an Effective Educator

As a student and an educator, I have come to find that no matter what the personality or style of an educator may be, there are several distinct characteristics that make them effective educators. The first characteristic that comes to … Continue reading

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